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The latest videos you can find directly on my main YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RudyKronfuss

Another collection of my work (classical and experimental) you can find here: http://www.youtube.com/user/anoeraa


The new CD of singer/songwriter Allan Broad that I produced with him is finished now and out in the shops ! It is called :"Now where was I ?"


The two day Jimi Hendrix festival in Bologna/ Italy on 8th and 9th of june was a lot of fun.Please click here to look at more pictures and information. Watch "Hear my train a comin'" ,"Loverman" and "Purple Haze" from our concert here.

I have finished a video in memory of my dutch jazzrock band "FONTEIN" (fountain) of the late 70ties called "Cooperation".

We had a great time playing at the "WATERHOLE" on 30 may 2013. Maybe we will be back there in the automn. You can enjoy these 3 songs from the concert on YouTube: "Room full of mirrors", "Manic depression" and "Spanish castle magic"

"Scarecrow" is a music video from an old band I had that was called "The Touch".

I have uploaded a new music video of "Sacred Love" from my CD "And send my love to James" and "Valleys of Neptune" from my CD "Rudy Kronfuss plays Jimi Hendrix". I hope you will enjoy these.


Since november 2012 the incredible CD "DIMENSIONS" is released worldwide ...a CD dedicated to the stringorchestra in general performing 11 great contamporary stringcomposers and one work of Debussy. I made a videoclip of my composition "RIVER OF TIME" to enhance the music with the beauty of the Amazone. Please lay back and close your eyes, and enjoy...

On 27th of november we had a great tribute show at the cafe "Vorstin", you can listen to "Lover man" and "Angel" from that show:

On 30th november we played at the Mamya Music Club in Rome (here you can watch "Who knows" with the audience joining us). On 1st of december we played in Billys Pub in Napels Italy. If you want to see the whole set of Rome here are the 4 parts on YT: part 1 , part 2 , part 3 and part 4

The Jimi Hendrix festival on the 9th of September in Torino/Italy at "La Sacra Birro" was a great event. I played with Marco Soverini on drums and Roberto De Vittorio on bass and we enjoyed playing a lot. Please look at some fotos from the event. In case you want to hear us, here is "Voodoo Child (s.r)" and "Voodoo Child/Stone Free/Scorpio Woman" from the concert.

The weekend of 19/20 may was dedicated to Jimi Hendrix in Bologna/ Italy - Many bands from all over Italy celebrated Jimi's music. Despite the earthquake it was a great event. Please look at some fotos. Please listen to "Machine gun", "Hear my train" and "Voodoo child (s.r.)" from the concert at Saturday night and "Third stone from the sun" from our play on Sunday night.

End of januari we had a teacher's concert in Hilversum and a couple of my own compositions were played there:You can watch the performances of: "Proposal of the extraterrestrial plant" , "Lemurian dance", "The old familiar door" , "Parasoul" and "Welcome to the end" .

On YouTube there is a new music video of Jimi's "Heaven has no sorrow" from my CD "Rudy Kronfuss plays Jimi Hendrix" - please enjoy it !

On 24th of november RTV Noord Holland broadcasted a short interview with me about Rolling Stone magazine announcing "Jimi Hendrix best guitar player of all times.

On 27th of november we celebrated Jimi's 69th birthday with a free concert close to Milano/Italy at "Bloom" in Mezzago, here are two songs from that concert : "Who knows" and "Machine gun" . Those were straight jams without rehearsals.

Here is my own musicvideo production of Jimi's "Belly button window" from the CD "Rudy Kronfuss plays Jimi Hendrix Volume 2" :


From 17-19 june I went to Italy and joined the Hendrixiana Saturnia Jimi Hendrix festival 2011. We had beautiful weather and jammed for two days and nights. From the Saturday night show you can listen to "Spanish castle magic / Who knows" , "Gypsy blood/Machinegun","Villanova junction" , "Stone free/ Room full of mirrors" and "Hey Baby" on YouTube. Here is one song from Friday night called "Red house":  

On friday 6 may we were playing at "The last Waterhole" in Amsterdam. We had a good time there and played a mixture of rare and famous Hendrix tunes. Here are two samples from that gig:"Manic Depression" and the instrumental "Beginnings".

Latest video "I don't know" from the CD "And pass it on to James"

 ...new video clips "AND SAY HELLO TO JAMES" and "I'LL BE FREE" from my CD "And say hello to James"....mastered and ready to rock'n roll...

here is our new live DVD from our concert in Siegen / Germany in 2009. Please watch a few songs on YouTube:"Power of soul" , "Hey Baby", "Machine gun" , "Send my love to Linda" , "Who knows", "Crosstown traffic" ,"Third stone from the sun" , "Little wing" , "Dolly Dagger" , "Purple haze" , "Angel"

Here is my newest videoproduction "Kronfused ?" from my CD "WATERPLANET" .There is a lot of my own artwork/animation in that video, please enjoy ...


On the 18th of september we celebrated Jimi's exit 40 years ago at the "Waterhole" in the center of Amsterdam with a one and a half hour tribute - we had a good time and the audience liked it. Examples: "Who knows" and "Spanish castle magic"

...extra, extra, read all about it, extra, extra ...a new release of TRKE...Here is a brandnew DVD of our concert at the Tunnel in Vienna last year:

Please watch a few songs on YouTube:Valleys of neptune Can you see me Scorpio woman / Dolly Dagger Villanova Junction

Please enjoy my videoclip of "Hathor" - from the CD "...and send my love to James" and"The inner child" - from the CD "...and pass it on to James"

On17th of april we played an open air concert for GLOBE in the center of Hilversum - there was beautiful sunshine and we had a good time....remembering Saturnia 2009: films of Tax free , Machine gun and If 6 was 9 ......new music videos "Third stone from the sun" from Jimi and my own "Spaceship Earth" and "Flying blue angel"...

...new DVD of the concert at the Szene in Vienna...Please watch those samples on YouTube.

Send my love to Linda
If 6 was 9
Third stone from the sun
Hey Baby

...here are my videoclips "Expansion of the mind and soul" and "Scorpio Woman" ...

We had a good time playing two concerts in Vienna/Austria in august in the "Tunnel" and at the "Szene".It is always a special experience for me coming to my birthplace and seeing some old friends and family.When we played at the "Szene" there were two old schoolbuddies in the audience with whom I had experienced Jimi live in this city on the 22nd january 1969. Time flies ...  


Please watch the new music video of my composition "Going home":

... is now available, Rudy's second Jimi-only-covers CD with 5 unheard tunes ...Klick here for more info. ...and here are my first music videoclips derived both from the CD above:"Gypsy blood" and "Send my love to Linda"

...this years Italian Hendrix meeting was held on 26 and 27 of june in Pitigliano, we had a great time and there were beautiful sounds. Klick here for a lot more pictures... If you are interested in Jimi's music written for Saxophone Quartet please listen to my arrangement of SLIGHT RETURN MEDLEY which I put on YouTube in two slices: Part 1 and Part 2.

On friday 27th of february we played a concert in the jazzclub OASE in Siegen/Germany. Find more pictures here .The concert is available on DVD.

The Rudy Kronfuss Experience played a half hour set on Saturday 13th of September outside at the Herenplein in front of the new filmtheater in Hilversum for the GLOBE center.

We were playing successfully on Friday 29th of August on the outdoor stage of the WOODSTOCK AAN DE MAAS FESTIVAL! . We did our best to bring Jimi's spirit there. Please watch a few fotos from our concert.Please watch two videos of our performance below : "Voodoo child (s.r.) / Star spangled banner" and "Purple haze"

For the Show Cases of this festival you can klick here to watch. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Look at some pictures of the beautiful Saturnia Hendrix Meeting 2008.

Watch the worldpremiere of Jimi's "Send my love to Linda" , or look at our 
own "goodbye song" called "Going home" that we played there. Here is also 
"Lover Man" our own "I don't know" and the very rare "Scorpio Woman/
Dolly Dagger".

...EXTRA,EXTRA read all about it... Rudy's new CD "...and pass it on to James" is out ! This is the last of a trilogy of tribute CDs for the great Jimi Hendrix, 13 songs written in the vein of and dedicated to the one and only James Marshall Hendrix. A piece of love. You can listen here, or order a copy.On Queensday april 30th we (TRKE) played a short set in the center of Hilversum (Kerkbrink) open air:"Fire","Valleys of Neptune","Hey Baby" and "Power of soul". Rudy was on local TV on 18 and 19 of february for a short portrait/ interview on Hendrix! It is on RTVNH on a progam with the strange name Van Zuks Dus .On the 25th of januari we played a special Hendrix tribute concert at the GLOBE center in Hilversum. Please look at some beautiful fotos of Johan van Dreven he shoot at the concert. Watch Voodoo Child (sr) and a few other songs from that concert on YouTube. The whole concert was filmed and recorded, please check our DVD.

Rudy Kronfuss ExperienceRead the english translation of the article above. Four CDs of Hendrix tributes from fans of all over the world have been produced by Kurt Max called "MAD ABOUT HENDRIX". This is a project of Hendrix fans for Hendrix fans and a world premiere ! Those 4 CDs are available for download for free. Check here the official site of the project. I feel honoured that there are four Hendrix covers from myself included in this package. If you are interested let me know .....Click here for the songlist. Here are the artist that contributed to these 4 CDs. We played at the first International Jimi Hendrix festival in Budapest on the 13th of october 2007. Please look at some pictures.

This was Saturnia 2007 - read more and look at some pictures ! Watch "Gypsy Blood" and "Hey Baby" (already 38.000 have seen it!) from our rehearsal. The 11th Hendrix tribute meeting happened on 1-3 june 2007 near Saturnia Toscana/Italy. We had nice weather and there were a lot of bands playing two nights the music of Jimi Hendrix.


My composition "Somewhere between Jazz and Tango" for two trumpets, horn and tuba has now been published worldwide by "Advance music" .They did a great job. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here are a few shots of our concerts of the 11th of august at "Jimmy's place" in Piesting/AUSTRIA...and the 12th of august in Vienna/AUSTRIA called "Tunnel"...


bass: Anders Bouwerdrums/vocals: Bouke Bijlsmaguitar/vocals: Rudy KronfussWatch a few VIDEOS from this show. Look at more pictures of our concert on the 2nd of july 2006 at the Globe-center. above, article from newspaper in Hilversum (29-06-2006) - english translation We had a concert and a CD presentation at the GLOBE center in Hilversum of the following new release: "Rudy Kronfuss plays Jimi Hendrix" CD is out! Presenting Jimi's gems "Valleys of Neptune" and "Heaven has no Sorrow" for the first time, this is a very unique collection of Jimi's compositions and of course a "must" for the true Hendrix fan. Check out more and enjoy listening. The 2006 Saturnia event has beeen a marvellous experience - please read a small review and look at some nice pics.look and read about SATURNIA 2006


remember also SATURNIA 2005 We broke the worldrecord of biggest guitarorchestra on may 1st 2006 in WROCLAW/ POLAND with 1581 guitar players playing "Hey Joe" and other tunes of Jimi ! Thanks to Leszek Cichonski to make this incredible event possible.This year I could not join because of my accident. The new record are 1881 players ! Look at more pictures and read a short review of the "THANKS JIMI FESTIVAL" in Wroclaw/Poland. On Queensday 29th of april we played a 50 minutes open air set of Jimi's music at the center of Hilversum/ Holland. It was the first time that Bouke Bijlsma joined us on drums and vocals. Right in the middle of "Hey Baby" the sky started to cry but this only lasted for about 10 minutes when Jimi seemed to interfere and bring sunshine back for the people. It was a magical moment and we enjoyed playing.

Click here for a few more shots from the concert.

On the 24th of april we gave a two hours concert at the the GLOBE center in Hilversum, celebrating Jimi's music.The concert was recorded and filmed but due to the beautiful weather that evening there were less people than we had expected. Besides that it was a beautiful concert with musical highlights and lots of improvisation.see a few more pics.

A special concert happened on december 3rd in Hilversum Holland: The concert (90 minutes) was completely dedicated to the memory of Jimi Hendrix and we played a couple of rare tunes like "Machine Gun", "Who knows", "Villanova Junction", "Hey Baby" and "3rd Stone from the Sun" mixed with Jimi's famous material and two tunes from ourselves. Here are a few more shots of the concert:

This rare event happened at a club called the Tagrijn.And here are a few shots of the concert of september 23rd as well:Click here for bigger resolution.See the english translation

The article above was published on the 18th of september 2005 in the main paper of Hilversum with the titel: "Guardian angel of all guitarplayers".It contains an extended interview of Rudy about Jimi and the tribute concert of the "Rudy Kronfuss Experience" on the 23rd of september.


Here are a few shots of the Rudy Kronfuss Experience at the "Open Day" event of the "GLOBE" in Hilversum on Saturday 17th april 2004. HOME