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The wind cries Mary (YouTubeversion)


Fire (YouTubeversion)



Come on (YouTubeversion)


Red House (YouTubeversion)


Voodoo Child -SR (YouTubeversion)


Stone free (YouTubeversion)


Machine Gun (YouTubeversion)



Little Wing (YouTubeversion)


Lover Man (YouTubeversion)


Hey Baby (YouTubeversion)


Voodoo Child (slow version) (YouTubeversion)



Heaven has no Sorrow (YouTubeversion)


Who Knows (YouTubeversion)


Come On (YouTubeversion)


Purple Haze (YouTubeversion)


Third Stone from the Sun (YouTubeversion)



Hey Baby, Saturnia 07 (YouTubeversion)


Gypsy Blood (YouTubeversion)


1983 (A merman I should turn to be) (YouTubeversion)


Up from the skies (YouTubeversion)


And say hello to James (YouTubeversion)


Machine Gun (YouTubeversion)


Third stone from the sun (Saturnia 2007) (YouTubeversion)


Gypsy Blood (Saturnia 2007) (YouTubeversion)


Rudy interview on dutch TV RTVNH (2008) (YouTubeversion)


Foxy Lady / Little Miss Lover (24-04-2005) (YouTubeversion)

Villanova Junction (24-04-2005) (YouTubeversion)


Room full of mirrors (24-04-2005) (YouTubeversion)


Who knows / Spanish castle magic (24-04-2005) (YouTubeversion)

All along the watchtower (24-04-2005) (YouTubeversion)