From 2-5 june we participated the 9th edition of this Super Hendrix Event in the Toscana/Italy.Joram took Ellen's place on keyboard and played a couple of pieces on bass as well.There were bands from all parts of Italy: The Experienced, Trio Ladro, One Night Blues Band, Horus Project, Alex Dal Corso's Electric Gypsy, Ezy Rider, Maurizio Bonini ,Marco Soverini's EXP, Francesca and many others. It was an incredible experience to play outside being surrounded by the unbelievable beauty of nature of the region. We were taken care of with extraordinary love and it felt from the first moment on like being with brothers and sisters that we had known for a long time ! This was a true meeting of the living human angels of Jimi. I believe that now I understand why Italian is the language of music: It is totally emotional and coming right from the heart.

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