..And Send My Love To James


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 1 Sacred love


2 Flying blue angel

3 Hathor

4 Elf

5 Rays of the sun

6 Little man

7 Sea of memory

8 Major changes

9 Your love

10 Same old blues


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When I saw JIMI HENDRIX perform twice in 1969 in Vienna it changed my life! I sat in the first row just a few meters in front of him and enjoyed his playing. I was 17 years old at that time and had been a fan for about two years. I liked the concert quite a lot when JIMI suddenly smiled at me while playing.

Within one moment there was this sudden connection that I felt with this tiny man in front of me. While he started his next song, he gestured with his face that this song was dedicated to me, being a personal gift !

Now I was sitting there with a crowd of 2000 people and had this very strange, ridiculous and almost embarassing feeling, that he played this special song only for me.

Of course after the concert, when I was heading home with humming ears and sounds in my head, I could not believe what had just happened. At first I thought I was carried away by my own wishful thinking.

Now after more than 30 years I know what really happened was something very special: I met my first teacher and his message never left me from that day on: MUSIC !

This was the first and the last time I met JIMI HENDRIX and I could never thank him for what he gave me that night. This CD is just a late "thank you" for the worlds most important guitar player.