Loving Eyes
No One
Those Summer Days
Let Me Say Goodbye
76 Kisses
Unborn Love
Echoes Of Tomorrow
Love Was In The Air
Catfish Man
Let Your Lovin'
This Is Just One OF Those Days
Caught In A Rainbow
I'll Be Free
Thousand Angels
Cinderella,Little Man,Universe Road, Hathor, Flying blue angel, Sacred Love
How Can I Live Like This ?
Do I Hear You Callin' ?
Another Secret Of The Sea
Jimi's Story
People, People
And Say Hello To James
Out In The Streets
Your Love
Face The Storm, Waves of love, Summerlove
A new dawn,Fantasy Rider
Through The Wind
Rays of the Sun
Trembling Leaf
Silently You Open The Door (minisuite)
Elf, Sea of Memory, Major Changes, Same old Blues

Made out of light, Spaceship Earth, Eagle flight,

Rescue me, I don't know, Where I can be safe,

Let me live again, Anything is possible, The inner child,

Expansion of the mind, Ocean of light, Hello brother, Going home