NOSTRADAMUS Studio Sessions 1971 -1974

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1.  Laney

2.  Trembling leaf

3.  Aquarium

4.  Woman so wise

5.  Chieftain

6.  Thousand angels

7.  Silently you open

8.  Silver woman

9.  Riders in the sky

10. Your love

11. The great ant

12. The boat















This historic CD contains various recordings made in Vienna between 1971 and 1974. "Silver woman", "Riders in the sky" and "Your love" are sung by Hansi Lang, while the rest of the lead vocals are mainly featuring Mario Bottazzi.

After all these years of course one can hear that those recordings are from a long time ago, and some of them were almost lost in the dust of the past - so to speak. So here is a great piece of history of the music scene in Vienna at the beginning of the seventies.

Rudy Kronfuss

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