Eileen Fiss and Quartet Rudy Kronfuss

Eileen Fiss (voc), Rudy Kronfuss (guit), Willem Schoenmaker (trp), Pablo Nahar (b), Jurre Hanstra (dr)




  • Founded in 1980 this Jazzband grew originally out of Rudy's instrumental Trio.
  • Eileen who just moved to Holland joined the band and special arrangements of Jazzstandards were written by Rudy.
  • The band existed only about a year due to the fact that everbody tried to find his/her way to survive living on music.
  • We played at Jazzfestivals and in small clubs.




Stolen moments

Automn leaves

Song for my father

Lady Bird

Love song






Below is a copy of our original biography in dutch at that time. HOME