Blackbird CD

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1.  Beautiful mind

2.  A long way from home

3.  Another morning blues

4.  Beam of light

5.  Hungry bird

6.  Love is all there is

7.  Heavy load

8.  Keep on talking

9.  Here I go again

10. Sad song

11. Would you like to take a ride

12. Take me high - intro

13. Take me high

14. Take me high - coda















I always loved blackbirds and felt a special connection with those birds,

that's why this CD is named "BLACKBIRD".

For me these birds represent freedom, the spiritual search and the darker mysteries of life.

Many songs here are very personal and were inspired by happenings and events from the past and the present.

This collections of songs has blues elements and a psychedelic rock feel here and there .

There is of course a lot of guitar, both electric and acoustic.

This CD is like a journey through my life, a life I am grateful for.

Rudy Kronfuss