Manic depression (teachers ensemble) (YouTubeversion)

Power of soul (YouTubeversion)


Going home (YouTubeversion)  


Scorpio Woman/ Dolly Dagger (YouTubeversion)


I don't know (YouTubeversion)


Lover Man (YouTubeversion)


Room full of mirrors (YouTubeversion)


Thousand angels (YouTubeversion)


And say hello to James (YouTubeversion)


Voodoo child (s.r.)/ Star spangled banner (YouTubeversion)


Purple Haze (Woodstock aan de Maas) (YouTubeversion)


Crosstown traffic (YouTubeversion) Siegen


Who knows (YouTubeversion) Siegen


Message to love (YouTube version) Siegen


Send my love to Linda (YouTube version) Siegen


Going home (YouTube version)


Gypsy blood (YouTube version)



Expansion of the mind and soul (YouTube version)


Hey Baby (New rising sun) (YouTube version)

All along the watchtower (YouTube version)




If 6 was 9 (YouTube version)


Send my love to Linda (YouTube version)


"Spaceship Earth"(YouTube version)

"Tax free jam"(YouTube version)


"Machine gun"(YouTube version)


"If 6 was 9"(YouTube version)


"The inner child "(YouTube version)


"Hathor"(YouTube version)


"Kronfused?"(YouTube version)


"I'll be free" (YouTube version)


"Power of soul" (YouTube version)


"Machinegun" (YouTube version)


"Inside of time" (YouTube version)


"Spanish castle magic / Who knows" (Saturnia 2011) YouTube version

Belly button window (YT version)


Heaven has no sorrow (YouTube version)


Hear my train a coming (YT version)


Machine gun (YouTube version)


Remember Woodstock and Jimi Hendrix (YT version)


Rainbow Child (YT version)


Cooperation - Fontein (YT version)


Airmail Special - The electric guitarcorporation (YT version)