The Earth

way back in time

when the oceans were dry

I lied in the sands of volcano's and deserts

I had a dream about the future of this place

I saw plants and animals

a rich variety

but then I heard the Earth

talking to me

warning me about her sorrow

crying with a voice in the wind

"all nature has to die"

she seemed to say

"ages have to pass

life cannot stay"

in a similar way

with tongues of fire

she yelled at me

spiting out her ashes

and I left with a hidden tear

that was to become her atmosphere

now I remember like it was then

today it is very different

but her voice seems to cry out even louder

her beauty is becoming fragile

her people seem like aliens to her

her tongues of fire will start to scream again

if it's not heard soon

what she tries to say

in every possible way she can