Close to Love

somewhere in the distance

there are tiny lights in the sky

like dust and little points so bright

are these angels or planets ?

suns or galaxies ?

how can I know if I won't go near them ?

from here they just look like hope

something unknown

tiny pieces of love scattered in the darkness

will I reach them if I stay out here

within my dreams and theories ?

within the space that separates me

is there no other way then to hope

that I will be there in a thousand years ?

no, some voice inside of me just calls out "no"

I have to find them

take a closer look and let my mind travel

maybe they are just a reflection of my wishes

in a far future I have to go there

and ride the beams of darkness

the lights become stars

and the closer I come

I see two, three suns

and a few pearls and planets

here I smell life and energy

and the closeness of love